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Our accommodation in Guadeloupe

Our accommodation in Guadeloupe in Deshaies

The village of Deshaies is located between sea and mountains. Its magnificent bay offers a heavenly view of the Caribbean Sea.

It is a typical and preserved place. It is ideal for relaxing and recharging your batteries while enjoying the pleasures of the sea and the discoveries of lush forests.

We are located on the Leeward Coast, known for its wild nature, its heritage and historical value and subject to drying winds.

As a result, the coastal region is hot and dry.

As soon as you gain altitude, the savannah and copse vegetation gives way to rich and varied vegetation.

Also note, our village is the filming location for the series “Murders in Paradise” broadcast by the British channel BBC One since 2011. Since the creation of this detective series, the island of Sainte Marie is in reality Deshaies in Guadeloupe. As you stroll through our city and its surroundings, you will discover the filming locations that you may have seen on television. Or you might be able to attend a filming and meet one of the actors from the series.

The tourist guides are particularly complimentary about our town, and its “small fishing village made of simple and charming wooden huts of one or two floors”. This apparent “rusticity” is largely due to the turbulent history of the town since the mid-17th century. Isolated from the main roads, Deshaies was the object of frequent and devastating English incursions, when they were not those of the pirates who passed there to resupply and feast.

The road to the south of the island only dates from 1957, it allows you to discover magnificent views of the coastline.

As for beaches, those of Deshaies are among the most beautiful on the island, life is sweet there... what could be better?


The beaches of Deshaies

        Fort Royal Beach or Bas Vent Beach, made up of the Petit Bas Vent Cove and the Grand Bas Vent Cove

        Pearl Beach: This beach has a small coral reef.

        Rifflet beach, extension of Pearl beach. Recently developed to encourage the nesting of sea turtles

        Grande Anse beach: 1.5 km of golden sand lined with grape trees, coconut trees, numerous restaurants and caravans.

Ferry-Leroux beach: The calm of its body of water is ideal for children and snorklers will appreciate the richness of the seabed near the rocks.

Known sites in Deshaies

    Gadet viewpoint over Grande Anse beach and the Caribbean Sea

    The Ziotte pond located at the edge of the Grande-Anse beach car park, rich in flora and fauna characteristic of mangroves.

    Le Morne Mazeau, at an altitude of 615 m, this hill overlooks the leeward coast and the Caribbean Sea and offers lovely views. Carbets and picnic areas are set up there. It is a starting point for several hikes in the forest

    The Kahouanne islet, with the “English head” islet are the two islets off the coast of Deshaies. Kahouanne islet is accessible by boat, the islet is only inhabited by a few wild goats

Activities in Deshaies

    The Botanical Garden, this 7-hectare park offers a great diversity of remarkable plants and trees. It is the former property of Coluche. The porcelain rose, red ginger, bougainvillea, hibiscus, orchids and many other magnificent flowers and birds will amaze you throughout the visit.

    Go and relax on Fort Royal beach and enjoy its bar and restaurant,

    Scuba diving and snorkeling,

    Numerous hikes in the mountains overlooking Deshaies,

    Horseback rides, in the forest and on the beach with a bath to share with the horse.

    Boat excursions,

    Outings in kayak, paddle, catamarans, jet skis,

    Enjoy the bars and restaurants of the town of Deshaies,

    Fishing by the sea or in the open sea,

    Taste local fish and lobsters.

Activities in the surrounding area (non-exhaustive selection)

    Le grand Cul de Sac Marin in Sainte Rose (20 mins*) = classified as a Biosphere Reserve of the archipelago in 1993 and recognized as such by UNESCO, you can discover the mangrove , the transparent waters along the coral reef, swimming on a wreck or picnicking on Caret Island between white sand and turquoise water,

    The Cousteau reserve (30 mins*) = the two islets are at the center of this immense natural reserve which you can discover by diving, snorkeling, glass-bottom boat, kayaks... Many fish and turtles to discover along this black sand beach,

    In the town of Bouillante (45 mins*), you can swim in the open sea and feel the currents of very hot water coming from the sulfur springs coming down from the mountain,

    The jump from Acomat to Pointe Noire (20 mins*) = it's a 9 meter high dive into a pool of natural emerald-colored waters,

    Le Tapeur (30 mins*) = an excellent moment of relaxation in a group with these 5 treetop adventure courses in the middle of the mountain with beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea,

    The ZOO (30 mins*) = come and discover the local fauna at ground level and at height thanks to a route passing through the trees,

    Route de la traversee = this road provides access to Grande Terre by crossing the mountain, cradle of the Guadeloupe National Park. It is the starting point for many hikes to discover the lush forest and the numerous waterfalls irrigating our territory.

* Indicative times are when traveling by car.

Our Coco Cannelle Prestige villa

Overlooking Grande Anse beach in Deshaies, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, the magnificent Villa Coco Cannelle Prestige will immerse you in a stay of “luxury, calm and voluptuousness”. This charming and prestigious villa with its private swimming pool was designed by an architect who imagined spacious living spaces facing the breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea. It is ideally located for visiting Basse Terre and allowing you to spend an unforgettable vacation in Guadeloupe. You can stay there with family or friends in very comfortable spaces including 4 bedrooms and 4 private bathrooms. You will be amazed by the sea view as soon as you wake up and will spend incomparable moments of relaxation on the beautiful terrace next to the infinity pool. At the rear of the property, you can also enjoy a dining area designed to fully enjoy this lush nature. Sea on one side, nature on the other, for a dream vacation! The proximity of Grande Anse beach and the authentic village of Deshaies are also undeniable assets for spending a superb vacation in Guadeloupe. If you book the nearby cottages you can stay with a group of 12 people.


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Nos cottages

Located less than 1 km from Grande Anse beach in Guadeloupe, the two Coco Cannelle Cottages, built entirely of wood, are organized in a fan shape to offer total privacy to each living space. These volumes designed by an architect are open to nature allowing a natural circulation of light and cross ventilation with a pleasant freshness brought by the river below. These charming bungalows are the perfect place to spend an excellent vacation on Basse Terre, in the authentic village of Deshaies. During your vacation, you can discover the charms of Guadeloupe, and relax in the evening, as if you were alone in the world. You will find the spirit of tree houses, but in a comfortable and well-equipped cottage. You will fully enjoy moments of relaxation on the terrace located above the vegetation, while being lulled by the soothing murmur of birds and the river below. A terrace shared by the two cottages will allow you to share a drink or enjoy the barbecue while admiring the Caribbean Sea and its fabulous sunsets. The proximity of Grande Anse beach and the authentic village of Deshaies are also undeniable assets for spending a superb vacation in Guadeloupe.